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Comfy is a young and fashionable company, based in Vienna/Austria and a specialist online-shop for hammocks and all around this cultural asset of the Indios. Comfy presents you the world of hammocks, their brightness of colours and the wide range of products, made by traditional craftsmanship in Latin America. These traditional production uses pure cotton as raw material. Pure cotton is long-fibred which explains its tensile strength and the pleasurable feel of the texture. Hammocks stand for relaxation and sereneness. Discover the world of the hammock for yourself - following a selection of our supply: Fetch you Brazilian joy of living in your home - the colourful hammocks are an eye-catcher for each garden or terrace! Fixed on the ceiling, on a beam or outdoor on a tree the hammock chair is also a good place for relaxing and recreation. The integrated swivel give safety to playing children, if they turning around themselves in the hammock chair. There's nothing like the outdoors, enjoying nature, beach, hiking or even up in the mountains - what ever you do, a hammock should be part of your equipment. Outdoor hammocks, camping hammocks or swings take up so little space, just as a travel hammock for your trip. Babies between 0 to 18 months are cradled to a peaceful slumber with an adjustable baby-hammock - perfect for the baby's needs. If you like the Mexican hammock culture, nothing equals the exquisite pleasure of lying in a Mexican net hammock. The net gives a wonderful airy floating sensation - simply perfect for a hot summer! give you independence from location - we offer adjustable wooden and metallic hammock stands. Cushions just as utility-bags or foot rests - you find everything to make rocking even more comfortable. We offer also a full range of fixing sets, consisting of hardware, ropes or chains, to meet all conceivable fixing requirements.

All hammocks and hammock chairs are delivered in cotton bags matching the product's fabric.
We ship in whole Europe - our English website is in process of development.

Alle Preise sind inkl. der gesetzlichen MwSt. angegeben.
Versandkosten in EU-Länder 6,90 EUR. Versandkostenfreie Lieferung ab 60,00 EUR.

Ihr Warenkorb ist momentan leer!

Hängestuhl Caribana
Hängesessel Caribena von La Siesta in zwei Farbkombinationen.

79,90 EUR - sofort lieferbar

(inkl. MwSt., zuzügl. Versandk.)
Hängematte Primavera
Brasilianische Hängematte in erfrischenden Farben mit Platz für 1-2 Personen.

98,00 EUR - sofort lieferbar

(inkl. MwSt. und Versandk.)
Hängematte Currambera
Hängematte Currambera, 230x160 cm Liegefläche, bis 160 kg belastbar, in 4 Farben.

89,90 EUR - sofort lieferbar

(inkl. MwSt. und Versandk.)
Neu im Shop
Hängehöhle Joki
Hängehöhle Joki für Kinder von 3 bis 9

Karabiner klein
Luna - Hängesesselgestell
Metallständer 200 kg
Familienhängematte Paradiso
Doppelhängematte Barbados
Stabhängematte Rumba

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